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Sunday, August 28

by Naples OPC

“Don’t Give Up!” That’s our theme this Sunday morning at 10:00 AM from 2 Corinthians 4. Then on Sunday evening at 6:00 PM we continue with our series in the life of David with a message from 2 Samuel 7:1-17 called, “When God Closes a Door” – how do you handle it when you want […]

Sunday, August 21

by Naples OPC

Do you see God working in your life? How can you know? Join us this Sunday Morning at 10:00 AM as we hear from Matthew 5:1-12 with a message entitled, “The Mirror of God” – the Spirit of God has preserved for us a mirror to examine our own hearts in these opening verses of […]

Sunday, August 14

by Naples OPC

Join us Sunday morning at 10:00 AM as we turn to Psalm 42 with a message entitled, “A Bulwark Against Discouragement.”  What has God given you to help prevent you from becoming discouraged?  He has given you wonderful promises which are like a mighty fortress! Come and hear words of hope and be equipped to tell others the […]

Sunday, August 7

by Naples OPC

Discouraged? Feeling blue? Join us for our Sunday 10:00 AM Worship Service and you’ll hear words of hope from Psalm 42 with a message entitled “Peace Restored” – read through Psalm 42 and you’ll see the expressions of discouragement and depression that ought to give you comfort…the Lord knows our weaknesses! At the Sunday 6:00 […]