Sunday 11/17/19


Bulletin For 11/17/19

Lord’s Day Morning Worship ~ November 17, 2019

Christ the King Presbyterian Church – OPC – 10:00 AM

Music for Meditation/Welcome and Announcements/Prelude

Salutation and Call to Worship      Psalm 146                                Rev. Hausler

*Opening Psalm            “Hallelujah, Praise Jehovah”                             Hymnal #57

*Opening Prayer – Confession of Faith          The Apostles Creed; Hymnal, p. 845

Call to Repentance             Ephesians 4:1-16                   ESV Bible, page 978

*Song of Preparation          “Come, Oh Redeemer, Come”              by Fernando Ortega

Silent Prayer of Confession – Assurance of Pardon Ephesians 1:3-10, ESV Bible, page 976

*Hymn                 “And Can It Be That I Should Gain”                           

Scripture Reading and Prayer      Romans 15:1-13                         ESV Bible, page 949

Sermon“Welcoming, as We Have Been Welcomed”    Donald J. Cobb; Prof. at Aix-en-Provence

Prayer of Thanksgiving and Morning Offering

 *Hymn                                       “By Faith”                                       

 *Benediction                                                                                        *Congregation standing


Lord’s Day Evening Worship ~ November 17, 2019

Christ the King Presbyterian Church – OPC – 6:00 PM

 Music for Meditation/Welcome and Announcements/Testimony/Prelude

Salutation and Call to Worship     Luke 19:38                               Rev. Hausler

*Opening Hymn           “Come, Thou Almighty King”                          Hymnal #101

*Opening Prayer and Confession of Faith

Christian, what is your only comfort in life and death?     Heidelberg Catechism, Question #1,2

That I with body and soul, both in life and death, am not my own, but belong to my faithful Savior Jesus Christ, who, with his precious blood, has fully satisfied for all my sins, and delivered me from all the power of the devil; and so preserves me that, without the will of my heavenly Father, not a hair can fall from my head; yes, that all things must be subservient to my salvation; and therefore, by His Holy Spirit, He also assures me of eternal life, and makes me sincerely willing and ready henceforth to live unto Him

And, what do you need to know in order to live and die in the joy of this comfort?

First, how great my sins and misery are; second, how I am delivered from all my sins and misery; third, how I am to be thankful to God for such deliverance.

Hymn                “’Tis So Sweet to Trust in Jesus”                        Hymnal #679

Prayer for the Body of Christ

Responsive Reading                    Psalm 2                                   Hymnal, page 785

*Hymn                        “Before the Throne of God Above”                    

Scripture Reading and Prayer         Genesis 1:26-31                      ESV Bible, page 1

Sermon                          “Like the King”                 Mr. J. Kim, Intern

Prayer of Thanksgiving and Evening Offering

 *Hymn                                 “Be Thou My Vision”                                 Hymnal #642

 *Benediction                                                                            *Congregation standing


Sunday Service Times

Morning Worship: 10:00 AM
Evening Worship: 6:00 PM

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